South Africa Destination

South Africa Destination

South Africa Destination

About South Africa

South Africa is where your safari starts and ends. It is a modern, magnificent country, with a huge wealth of cultural diversity and many world famous tourist destinations. We visit some of the best places in South Africa as part of our adventure itinerary:

  • Johannesburg and Soweto
  • Kruger National Park
  • Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula
  • Stellenbosch and the Cape Winelands

Liberated from apartheid rule on May 10th 1994 with Nelson Mandela the first democratically elected president of South Africa.

Geographic Location

Destination Safari Experience

Travel the morden land with diversity, wealth, cultures and famous holiday destinations.

Have A Stay Here

The Twelve Apostles Hotel. A good accommodation around the Cape Town area to have a peaceful good night's rest.


Stellenbosch Vineyard. Cape Town is a home for winery in South Africa, enjoy the sights around here and gain some knowledge about the wine industry.


The Kruger National Park is a South African National Park and one of the largest game reserves in Africa. It covers an area of 19,485 km2 (7,523 sq mi) in the provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga in northeastern South Africa

Best Accommodation

Beautiful views surrounding this accommodation. Wake up to the sounds of wildlife, scent of the african bush and enjoy activities of the day.

Did You Know?

The Republic of South Africa has a huge southern coastline, and encloses two small countries (Lesotho and Swaziland).

Heading : Descriptions
Size : 1,219,090 sq. kilometers – bigger than France, Italy and Germany combined.
Capital : Cape Town (Legislative), Pretoria/Tshwane (Administrative), Bloemfontein (Judicial).
Currency : the Rand, freely convertible with other major world currencies.
Population : 44.8 Million
Languages : 11 official languages, with English and Afrikaans widely spoken.
Tribal Groups : At least more than twenty ethnic groups include Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi, Tswana, Sotho, Tsonga, Swazi, and Venda tribes. Naturalized foreign tribes include the Afrikaans, English, Chinese, Indian and Malay communities.
Economy : Very stable and strong, based on mineral and agricultural wealth.
Outstanding Features : Terrain ranges from mountains to highveld grasslands, semi-desert to scrubland and sub-tropical swamps. Home to a dazzling spectrum of wildlife and the world’s most diverse plant kingdom.

Other Destinations

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