covid -19 Safari Booking Policy

covid -19 Safari Booking Policy

Safari Amended Booking Policy

06 June 2020

Afrika Zambezi Safaris as a private guided Tour Company in Southern and East Africa destination herewith say we pride ourselves with commitment to share and providing our Clients, close associate companies, travel agents and Tour Operators both on flexible mindset and client security in this difficult times with world pandemic Covid -19 we are faced with. As a safari Company handling inbound tourism safari itineraries in Africa destinations, we herewith amended our revised original terms & conditions on what we previously have shared on COVID -19 pandemic as per WHO guide lines.

The outlined terms and conditions below replaces our previous suggested applicable terms and conditions that were released sent to everyone on as of the 12th March 2020 pandemic panic to our travel associates and clients to stay home, be safe and not cancel your safari trips but to reschedule whenever you are comfortable with your preferred travelling dates. However, these booking terms and conditions remain unchanged until such time we are advised by the international health board the (WHO) declares COVID – 19 lockdowns pandemic restrictions that has deeply impacted our inbound travel industry in the world and the countries we conduct our safari trips itineraries are lifted to be over with guide lines to abide with. Therefore, the suggested below AZS terms & conditions shall apply and activated to all our safari trips itineraries that are designated in Southern Africa and East Africa destination where we operate our safari tours from. As a concerned Safari Company, we are in this together and we will do our best to ensure application of our similar booking terms and conditions to our safari tailor-made travel are implemented the same in no differ with our local travel supplier partner’s policies during the handling of your safari booking holidays to Africa.

Safari Confirmed Bookings Travelling 01 June – 30 November 2020 – Our private Guided Safari Itineraries

  1. Between 01June – 30 November 2020 Travelling – Any Client booked with AZS safaris are recommended not to cancel their safari trips to Africa but to postpone to anytime or next future seasons dates and months at a preferred time of travelling to the destination before September 2020.
  2. Should any Clients decide to travel to Africa on Safari after or before July 2020, Afrika Zambezi Safaris Tour Director recommend to hold on to such decisions making departures as priorities will be to clients already having made immediate planned trip to Africa until the end of 30 November 2020 safaris season. We will retain or request if not paid already the 20 % deposit paid for the original booking and will apply standard payment terms to the revised dates. All deposits have to be pre-paid with immediate effect.
  3. Whereof the clients consulate their agent or a Tour Operator and not sure of their future travelling tour arrangements to Africa, we definitely recommend automation provisionally bookings to our portal travel desk on same suggested dates for safari year of 2021/2022 seasons.
  4. Inevitably, the safari booked itinerary on provisional or confirmed booking will be treated as a paid 50% deposit subject to availability and held for (60) days in paid deposit until fully paid before the day of departures or held for (90) days on unconfirmed provisional booking.
  5. Where the client intend or contempt to postpone their travel booked plans for the trip after the 01 June 2020 as on current proposed period time, our normal standard cancellation policy will be implemented.
  6. The Cancellation policy may always be amended subject to unseen directives of contrary in such country borders or travel ban lifted that may prevail in such country as a recommended to our clients to hold on to at least (45) days before confirmation is made during the global monitorization travel restrictions or any further lockdowns may prevail.
  7. Assuming that a client decided to postpone their booking in year 2020 or extend that booking postponing to year 2021 or 2022, AZS Travel Desk will impose our standard procedure cancellation policy and payment on terms and Conditions shall be effected towards such new intended booking travel dates

Our above Travel cancellation terms and conditions apply to all Afrika Zambezi Safaris’ private hosted and guided Safari itineraries to individuals or a group safari tour.

FIT Travel and Private Guided safaris and hosted itineraries Confirmed Bookings Travelling 01 June – 30 November 2020.

  1. All FITs and private hosted and guided safari itineraries, we will do our best to effect similar policies that will be suitable and comfortable towards our close associates, travel agents, Tour operators and our clients to ensure we do not infringe the third party policy supplier negotiation dealt on variation of each booking safari itinerary in the hotels, camps, lodges and transfer company arrangements.
  2. In an event client decide to postpone their FIT or private guided and hosted safari itinerary to the next dates, example opt to travel later in year 2021 or 2022, such postponement arrangements within (60) days before travel, will attract an administration penalty fee of US$350) without a prejudice.

New Safari Bookings – Free Cancellation & More Exciting Safari Options.

AZS Travel Desk’s more exciting safari options to be offered to clients and close associates partners in the industry, are on revised basis of our terms and conditions that define the flexibility and security towards any new safari bookings entailed to our guided and hosted safari itinerary on following:

  1. Our year 2020 STO rates are extended until 30 November 2021 and changes to be notified.
  2. Safari bookings that is reserved for (90) days before any arrivals, such booking remains known as a provisional booking held within (21) days until deposit is paid otherwise booking will be cancelled.
  3. However, whereof the booking has been received as confirmed for its availability held, we would require a safari deposit and reserve the booking as confirmed within (10) days.
  4. Free cancellation specify any new safari bookings received within (30) days prior client travel in event there was doubtful reason of cancellation based on COVID-19 pandemic related scenarios as outlined on (details below).
  5. For any safari booking to be said confirmed, a 50% deposit is required as per our standard booking procedures on terms and conditions and the safari booking will be refundable at 100% cancellation within (30) days prior to the date of travel or arrival at a destination.
  6. Prior to (21) days travelling to the safari destination, any final payment owed will be required to be fully paid at (100%) confirmed booking as per our standard booking procedures of terms & conditions apply.

Safari Cancellation Policy for New Bookings on private guided safaris and hosted safari itineraries on Groups or individuals.

  1. 21 days to 29 days prior to departure: 30 % of the total rate
  2. 14 days to 20 days prior to departure: 50 % of the total rate
  3. 8 days to 13 days prior to departure: 80 % of the total rate
  4. Less than 8 days prior to departure: 95 % of the total rate

Refundable Policy on Safari New Bookings where Cancellation Occurs due to Covid-19 Related Reasons.

  1. 30 days prior to arrival - 100 % refund on received monies either EFTs or credit card paid shall be refunded with our AZS accounts department on values of money received for postpone or for any future travel.
  2. 30 days prior to arrival - Safari cancellation fee to be charged as stipulated above and any outstanding amount owed to the safari reservations will be refunded or held if had credit for future travel.

Our Safari revised cancellation terms and conditions only refers or applies to pandemic COVID-19 related reasons for these cancellation, stipulated herewith below.

  1. Unrevised status of pandemic Covid – 19 by (WHO) World Health Organization.
  2. Government in the guest’s country of residence restricts all but essential travel.
  3. The guest travelling destination to and from are under official government sanctioned lockdown that prohibits guest from traveling there.
  4. If Clients on due safari are impacted in some destination with imposed restrictions and lockdown, the guest will be informed with the option to re-route their safari to another destinations, refunded or held as a credit as per revised policy.
  5. The destinations that are amplified with no formal lock-down but closed their borders either to international visitors or to visitors from their country of origins.
  6. Whereof, international airline flights are cancelled with no alternative routing available for clients to use to reach the destinations in the safari itinerary.
  7. Any doubtful reason to believe the cancellation is or was genuine not listed as stipulated above, Afrika Zambezi Safaris its close associates and partners’ Standard Terms & Conditions apply.

Afrika Zambezi Safaris Covid-19 Safari Action Plan

  1. Continue to share effective communication, close monitoring and advise all current development on safari tourism industry and updated information that are provided by the World Health Organisation on the global status of pandemic Covid-19.
  2. Create preventive measures, strategies and solution application and impart information to keep our staff members informed on safari daily Covid 19 – development as ongoing basis to safeguarding welfare of human life.
  3. Facilitate and provide clear mandates understanding towards increased personal hygienic factors, amenities for all staff and clients booked on safari.
  4. Train and educate all safari team members including safari private guides on procedures of emergency in an event of incident during safari trips.
  5. Adherence to Health and Safety protocols to ensure they are communicated effectively to all third-party suppliers.
  6. AZS Travel Desk – continue to accept clients enquiries, reservations on condition they may indemnify upon a comprehensive screening measures required by (WHO) stipulated to be at (14) days or two (2) weeks prior to travel.
  7. That Camp Hosts, transfer drivers and AZS private safari guides are fully trained to adhere on best practice and procedures that limits any risk contamination of infections that includes implementation of – (High level of cleanliness in all tour facilities, equipment, game viewing Boats, vehicles used during safari viewing, sanitization, wash hands regularly during safari journeys, wearing mask and practicing social distancing.).
  8. Should clients during safari have flu – like symptoms, isolation safari action plan should be implemented immediately on best practice procedural available, example evacuate such client with flu-like symptoms to the nearest clinic for further testing and observation.
  9. Afrika Zambezi Safaris private guides are trained First Aiders and during conducting their private safaris to any destination in Africa, they will be equipped with protective and preventative Equipment supplied or accessible to both staff and clients on safari journeys and that includes in Camps and game lodges as well.
  10. Due to massive cancellations in Tourism industry in all booked safari holidays, in camps, lodges, domestic, regional, and international airlines shutdown on the season year of 2020 after the Covid-19 have erupted, end of February 2020, no suspected or occurred cases of COVID -19 during this period have been encountered and prevailed monitoring continues.
  11. With our safari proactive action plan in obtaining the medical support, we have put in place our incident reporting system that will ensure it is used all time with our safari teams.
  12. As per World Health Organization (WHO) protocols and guidelines over COVID -19, AZS Travel Desk continues to assess risk management that may occur and any related symptoms that may lead to look like Covid -19 be displayed to individuals both safari teams or Clients during safari trips will be immediately directed to any medical center or facilities as per medical correct procedures or testing criteria.
The above guideline statements are to enlight the Tourism industry shared with our Travel associates, agents and Tour operators and are subject to change. However, we continue monitoring this virus impact to the industry and learn beyond the Covid-19 and how it will continue impacting the future of Travel in Tourism industry worldwide.
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